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Christmas Quest Pt four

Dec-22-2015 PST

Beneath Cursed Tides Quest | Christmas Quest Pt 3

What higher thanks to celebrate than with our Christmas quest grand finale? be part of North American country within the final episode of The Pinch World Health Organization scarf Christmas to bring Christmas back to Gielinor and produce the penguins sure the festivities.


The next game update are on the fourth Jan - associate awing in-game party to celebrate fifteen years of RuneScape. take care to log within then to affix in the festivities, and appearance out the subsequent week (11th January) for an opportunity to do RuneScape Classic!


Look out for the 2016 pronunciamento and Mod Mark's Behind the Scenes Jan for full details of everything that is developing.

Quantum of cosmic time | Christmas Quest - half four


So you've got saved the day, (well, Santa) however Christmas cannot continue till the penguins' plot is discomfited once and for all. Succeed and you will undoubtedly create it onto Santa's Nice List - and earn yourself a snuggly in-game sphenisciform seabird onesie!


Remember  If you haven’t had an opportunity to play the Christmas quest nonetheless, simply jump in-game and speak to a snow imp at the Prifddinas, Burthorpe or Lumbridge lodestones. Catch up with the story to unlock all of the newest Christmas activities.




Have an incredible season, keep checking your Advent Calendar for a few really wonderful presents, and allow us to recognize your thoughts over on the forums.


New Game shopper | 20:00 Greenwich Time, Tuesday twenty second Dec


As we have a tendency to declared in last week's Developer A, we've got one thing slightly bit special planned for you next week.


As associate early Christmas gift, we'll be showing off our awing new Game shopper to you guys!


Whilst it's clearly still a piece ongoing, we have a tendency to thought it might be nice to share wherever we have a tendency to square measure with NXT, and answer some initial queries you will have regarding it live to tell the tale stream.


As a special twist, we'll be showing you the areas of RuneScape YOU most wish to examine in-game with the new Game shopper. Vote on our poll for the situation you'd like North American country to visit!


This is not a stream you wish to miss, believe us.


Ask your queries for the team on our forum thread, Reddit, or by mistreatment the hashtag NXT on Twitter.


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