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Carapace armour and Batwing equipment

Aug-29-2017 PST

Wanna know more details about Carapace armour and Batwing equipment? Here we will introduce them to you!


Carapace armour


Carapace armour is ranged armour that is better than studded leather armour but worse than green d'hide armour. Carapace armour requires 30 Defence to equip and is available for free-to-play players. Using the Crafting skill can be made by Carapace armour. If you want to make carapace armour, you need the carapace dropped by Cockroach soldiers, Cockroach workers and Cockroach drones.


Batwing equipment


Batwing robes are magical robes that you need to wear 30 Defence. Batwing robes with a matching wand and book require 30 Magic to equip. You can get the uncommon drops from bats including giant bats, albino bats and warped bats. A needle and some thread can be crafted to Batwing equipment, in total 17 batwings and crafting level of 38 required.


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