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Buy Cheap Rs Gold in Rsgoldfast Summer Party

Jul-11-2017 PST

In this hot summer, Rsgoldfast Summer Party is coming soon. During this time, we will provide cheap rs gold with 3% extra gold or 5% off cash for you to enjoy the summer time.


When will Rsgoldfast Summer Party Start?


Rsgoldfast Summer Party start from July 7 and end on August 31.


What activities can you join in?


You can enjoy 3% extra gold or 5% off cash.


3% extra gold: You can receive 3% extra gold no matther how much you buy by putting the code: "SP3EG", which means there is no limited amount during the activity. For example, when you buy 50M rs 3 gold, you will get extra 1.5M rs 3 gold for free.


5% off cash: You can receive 5% off cash when you buy rs gold over $50 ($50 included) by putting the code: "RSSP5". For example, when you buy rs gold over $50, it will save you $2.5. The more you buy, the more you save.


What's more, if you have any question for the activity, you can ask for help from 24*7 live chat or Facebook.


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Rsgoldfast Team