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Jun-05-2017 PST



Achievements system is planned for July 2017 and a dynamic weather system which affects players' gameplay will be added in 2017.


Clue scroll rework


Clue scroll rework is planning by the ninja team. Clue scroll is to make completing clue scrolls more rewarding and may allow the player to work on more than one clue of the same difficulty at the same time. Rewards will be improved, such as new god birds, third-age armour, unique clue scroll gear, and footprint trails left as the player moves around the world.


A new tier of clue, champion clue will be also added by Jagex, which would include skilling clues, hiscores and competitive clues involving players racing to be the first to claim a single prize from completing a clue.


Dailies and weeklies rework


Daily and weekly repeatable events will be reworked. Jagex will first be looking at dailies and the Challenge System. Challenges given will be made specific: for example, playing for a certain amount of time or gaining a certain amount of experience.


Clan avatar rework


Mod Moltare is planning changes to clan avatars:


1. Removing the anagogic orts system. Instead clan members will be able to attune to their clan's avatar habitat while visiting the citadel once a week.


2. Attuned clan members will be able to summon the clan avatar as a cosmetic companion pet.


3. Attuned clan members will receive an experience buff, regardless of whether or not the avatar pet is summoned. Potential experience buffs may be: a flat 3% experience buff; a 3% buff plus 2% for having maximum clan fealty (total 5%); or 1% per tier of avatar habitat plus 2% for max fealty.


4. While in the citadel with the avatar pet summoned it will gather resources up to a cap shared across all clan avatars.


5. Clan members with admin+ rank may be given permissions to customise the avatars' appearance and set what they will gather at the citadel.


Mod Moltare is currently working with Mod Asherz to make changes to the game engine to allow clan avatars to work with familiar overrides.


Aura bag


Mod Harrison is working on creating an aura bag to store auras. Auras will no longer be objects: instead the player will equip their aura bag to use an aura.


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