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Buy Cheap RS Gold to Get Rewards from Magister


Buy Cheap RS Gold to Get Rewards from Magister

Yesterday, we have introduced runescape solo boss oreb the magister is live. Today, we will give you the guides of the magister, about how to start, requirements and rewards. If you want to stock up your gold, you can come to Rsgoldfast to buy cheap rs gold.


How to start the Magister?


The Magister is a high-level Slayer boss. There are two ways for you to start the Magister. One is to find a key to the crossing as a drop in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. Other is to find and activate the soul obelisk within to summon the Magister.


What is the requirement from Magister?


1. It requires 115 Slayer, you can boost by using items such as the Wilder pie.


2. It requires Icthlarin's Little Helper if you need to be access to Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.


3. It needs RuneScape membership.


What rewards can you get from Magister?


1. Phylacteries: You can smash phylacteries to release the hapless souls trapped within, and to obtain scraps of scripture.


2. Mighty tier 92 weapon: Obtain three of blessings (blessing of sand, sky or sea) by combining 100 scraps of scripture. Then, you can apply them to a Khopesh of the Kharidian (or its off-hand variant) to buff it up to a mighty tier 92 weapon.


3. Gloves of Passing and monstrous melee mitts with tier 85 stats: after using Havoc, the damage of your next attack against the same target is boosted by 7%.


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