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Boss Domestic pets A Ninja Update

Jan-07-2015 PST

We wanted to start 2015 off with a bang, and what greater way rather than present 26 mini family pet types of RuneScape's managers?


You will bag a pet. That's you can obtain each pet as a rare drop from their boss counterpart, and the more kills you rack up the more likely it. As you reach a certain killcount threshold, you will get an increased chance of the boss dropping a pet. Note that these kill matters are retroactive we've been monitoring them because July. Figure out your current complete inside the Beasts program.


Have you got what it takes to conquer a supervisor to the greatest exceptional decrease companion? Test your skills against the following bosses in game for the chance to pick up a Boss Pet if you have got the guts:


    Commander Zilyana
    General Graardor
    K’ril Tsutsaroth
    Kalphite Queen
    Kalphite King
    Corporeal Beast
    Giant Mole
    King Black Dragon
    Legio Primus
    Legio Secundus
    Legio Tertius
    Legio Quartus
    Legio Quintus
    Legio Sextus
    Chaos Elemental
    Dagannoth Prime
    Dagannoth Rex
    Dagannoth Supreme
    Queen Black Dragon