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Bonus XP aftermath to Runescape


Bonus XP aftermath to Runescape

Free members and players.Our bonus XP system principle of work for many of the most popular RUNESCAPE bonus XP project made some changes.Although the change is technology make things run more efficiently, and make it easier for us to develop these projects are many ways, there is a big change.


Many of the most popular XP project bonus will no longer need to wear in order to let you enjoy their own interests.Starting today, these projects have been replaced with the version of the cosmetics, they provide all the XP automatic storage and application of XP rewards in a similar way to recommend friends.This means that you will never have to sacrifice to enjoy the benefits of XP, these projects to provide equipment slot.


Change the listing projects, can be found as follows: all the skills pendant (regular and precious);The goblin cower shield;Chef's equipment;HATI claws;LL boots SK.Pumpkin charms;Christmas pudding charms;Heart pendant;Spoony knob;Crazy necklace;Gofannon charms;Penance Angle (on a regular basis and the main);All gear steal creation;All supplies gem (no replacement of cosmetics).


If you have one of these projects, you have to convert your inventory to cosmetics, and claims that bonus XP are stored in need.If you have a choice of XP, you will be asked to choose when to do so.Now the clothes to wear a permanent 1% below, each project bonus, and XP, rather than have a limited charge.There is an additional 1% of the suit reward by Runescape Gold, when you put on in any of these sets in each one of the project.


Please note that you've received a bonus XP, the equivalent of a claim amount has replaced clan.If you have a clan ring, you can click on it to get any XP legacy.In the future, you can simply from clan quartermaster to ask your bonus XP, same as before.

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