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Bonus Boosters back to Treasure Hunter now

Sep-06-2017 PST

Runescape fans attention! Bonus Boosters are now back to Treasure Hunter! In this event, you can use boosters to avtivate for different perks.


When is Bonus Boosters Event?


Bonus Boosters event will start from 00:00 UTC on 6th September to 23:59 UTC on 11th September with six bonus boosters.


How can you activate bonus boosters for perks?


Activating Lucky Purple Booster to ensure your next prize is of purple rarity. Lucky Purple Booster only can be activated one time while other five bonus boosters can be used 5 per activation. Activating Multiplier Booster randomly boost the number of prizes you will receive, up to 5x prizes from each chest. Activating Extrasensory Booster to look inside the chests to see the gem rarity before selecting your prize. When you use Smouldering Booster, any lamps and stars that you receive become smouldering lamps. Deep Freeze Booster allows an additional five categories to be frozen with Hearts of Ice. Upgrade Booster can upgrades the rarity of any prizes received by one tier.


Note that this booster can also grant access to a number of older, discontinued items: Lucky dragon full helm, Lucky dragon chainbody, Lucky dragon platebody, Lucky spectral spirit shield, Lucky arcane spirit shield, Lucky elysian spirit shield, Lucky divine spirit shield, Lucky Bandos boots, Lucky abyssal whip, Lucky dragon claws, Lucky dragon 2h sword.


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Rsgoldfast Team