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Behind the Scenes Gregorian calendar month 2015

Jul-04-2015 PST

Behind the Scenes - Gregorian calendar month 2015

Tuska Falls

With Tuska soundly crushed by the would possibly of the irreverent, her limp body hurtles towards the earth...but can|what is going to|what's going to} happen? One thing's for sure: the portal on her back will open, and heroes such as you can take one big leap for world...and visit the mysterious planet Mazcab.

As for Tuska herself, you will still be able to play the island-hopping event content to earn rewards, thus confirm you pop back if you fancy some additional action.

Tuska Falls Image


Raids and therefore the Goebie Homeworld

Step through Tuska's portal, you will get to satisfy the goebies, a wierd race of frog-like creatures United Nations agency decision Mazcab their home - United Nations agency have a heavy airut downside. Tuska sated on their planet a few years before, and a taskforce of warriors remained to act as cruel overlords.

The planet itself is packed filled with new, exciting content for every type of players. We'll have many news and videos that within the close to future, thus i will simply provide you with a fast summing up now:

First up ar raids. These epic adventures supply a brand new strive against high-level boss fights, for teams of up to ten players. every raid boss has terribly totally different gameplay, with many cooperation needed even to achieve every fight. there will be 2 bosses with this initial unleash, with many plans for additional within the future, growing in problem and rewards.



There ar raid feats – a series of absurdly exhausting combat challenges for the actually dedicated someone.

There's conjointly a brand new safe PvP activity, wherever you will move very important provides between goebie camps.

There's many exploration, too. Mazcab is much quite a home for boss fighters – there is a whole world to discover! notice traditional knowledge fragments, complete mini-quests and acquire lost within the Dungeoneering-style forest that changes quicker than a rushing kebbit.

Rewards embody new tier ninety tank armour with set effects all told combat designs, 5 new skills – tradeable till they are claimed - new titles, pets and quick travel choices, simply to call a number of.


Mazcab Beach Concept

Fast static magnet Teleports

Another nice suggestion coming back to the sport from RuneLabs this month is that the plan of exploitation vis wax to charge fast teleports, permitting you to use lodestones in super pace.

Thanks to F D C for this cracking plan. It simply goes to point out that RuneLabs are often accustomed recommend virtually anything!

This month, we wish you to raise a story question that we'll answer in an exceedingly medium-sized quest. need to understand what happened to King Vallance? Ever questioned why H.A.M. continually wear pink? Head to RuneLabs now!


Big Cats – WWF

Big fan of cats? Well, throughout Gregorian calendar month we'll be operating with the globe life Fund to lift awareness of vulnerable and vulnerable huge cats like jaguars and tigers.

For the primary two weeks you will be able to participate in an exceedingly special huge Cats edition of The Drop, accessible from the reformist close to the Burthorpe static magnet. you will be able to adopt lovable  cub companions, and unlock some feline-themed titles, similarly as XP lamps. you will even be able to give bonds on to the reformist, particularly if you wish to seem once distinctive lion and ounce cubs.

Jagex are going to be passing all income from your Bond donations on to the WWF to assist with their superb work, thus dig deep and create a distinction.


Elite killer Creatures

Ever wanted there was one thing spicing up your killer tasks? that is what elite killer creatures ar for! bound enemies can have an opportunity of spawning larger, meaner, richer versions of themselves, price additional killer XP and additional loot!

Take the challenge and be rewarded, ignore it and everyone else will have a chase 3 minutes! Look out for the tell-tale “ring of death” orbiting creatures like the powerful Dark Beast of Pain, and rise to the challenge.
In different News

We're adding a brand new slot to the Grand Exchange for all players, and an additional one for members.

We're adding some muscle to the beach, too, with Strength-training choices, new pebbly pets - just like the superb flap fish, that may be a personal favorite - and a ball version of the previous cheese rolling event.

Finally, there will be some fantastic new barbarian, priest and mage-themed outfits, new killer masks and a bunch of cool cosmetics associated with V!

Have fun, and W00ters out.



Mod Mark
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