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Behind the Runescape scenes with Divination in August 2013

Aug-08-2013 PST

In August of this year, the battle of Lumbridge anger, we've got a god level of content, including all the new divination skills, a knight age 6 task Sir Michael Owen, and a huge update members help Runescape 'loyalty program! Improved Loyalty Programme and Solomon 's Store Merge; Loyalty Programme: members only; Solomon 's Store: free players and members.

Guthix death the Gielinor, launch a divine energy, followed by a storm also destroyed the earth, causing the life force, nima mundie bleeding, to the outside world. Ora fairweather and her entrepreneurial teams of researchers are investigating these strange phenomena, to determine their meaning for the world - and how they can make use of its residents. As you can in the new art train, you will collect the divine energy - a valuable new resources - whereas: the power of the rest of the life energy remaining Guthix appeared. These plumes have been collected from all over the world colonies, one of the first Lumbridge crater, you will meet the right. Will you collect energy from them, you can also find the fragment Guthix memories, can return to the nima Mundi extra of XP's earnings.

More is not just a gathering skills, there are a lot of, you can do divination by level, and establish the resources. Use your energy continuously, you will be able to make the pocket tank project called automatically activated signs that under certain conditions, give you the benefits of - to protect you from killing blow, for example, or death of other projects. Will there be any inventory called signs, under certain conditions can also be used for holding a project - heal you, when you are less than a certain percentage of health, for example.

Maybe divination, the biggest advantage is that it would be a huge added other acquisition skills. I can't reveal too much, just haven't, but those who understand skills gained unprecedented gathering place and high-end materials, and with the logistics resources to collect extra help. I will be in the forthcoming BTS video reveals more, so keep eye! Divination to direct company will be listed next year a new skill, so before the game early. The skill will come up with a fresh chrysanthemum HISCORE list, so I hope I can see some healthy ways of divination skillcape competition. Speaking of which, if you don't have the color scheme of the new skillcape, you can do it, the vote in our survey.

If you are a free member, don't forget - with all members of the skills - the first five levels of divination will provide for you to try. Must beat a desperate!