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Behind The Scenes On July 2014 Runescape Gold Legacy Mode

Jul-05-2014 PST

We're almost ready to launch Legacy Mode, but in the meantime, brush up on your boss slaying skills and deal with your arachnophobia. Araxxor and level 90 two-handers await!


Free players and members

Legacy is a selectable mode that brings back the traditional no-abilities RuneScape combat that many players miss, plus the old-style interfaces from before EoC. Crucially, it means that traditional combat fans can have all of these things while playing the latest combat content, alongside those who prefer the newer style of EoC.


Along with Legacy Mode come a bunch of global improvements that affect all combat players, regardless of their preferred mode: an updated level 138 combat formula, special attacks and loads of balancing changes. We’ve been working with you on the beta servers to get as near as possible to the game you want.


Araxxor's Lair

Araxxor will join the ranks of our epic boss monsters. Designed to be fought by one or two players, he's capable of changing his entire strategy and attack styles in each battle you fight, growing in power as you do.This allows you to define your own challenge levels and experience the fight differently as you grow in confidence.


Deal with light and dark areas, acid, poison, fire, stone, webs, gut-wrenching explosions, and a bunch of new mechanics we’d like to keep hidden until launch day. His entire den of creepy minions can vary every few days, revealing different routes to be explored. You'll need to mix up your tactics if you want a taste of the precious rewards. The difficulty grows if you bring a buddy, but drops are assigned individually, so you'll each get your share of the loot.


With disturbing sounds a fascinating environment and my personal favourite boss graphics of all time, this one’s going to be amazing. We look forward to hearing your live-streamed screams of terror echoing around the globe. Finally, the Ninja Team are adding in-game timers for boss fights, alongside the release of the Araxxor fight. This is just the first taste of some really cool content we've got coming for boss killers in August.


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