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Become Menaphos Insiders to Get Access to Menaphos Information

May-02-2017 PST

As we just introduce A New Chapter Runescape Menaphos on 29th April, now it is possible for you to get the Menaphos information! If you are interested in this, you can visit Official Site to sign up. Let's see more details!


What is Menaphos Insiders?


The Menaphos Insiders, is a bit of an experiment. It is a group for players to share information about the Golden City. And this information is only share in group members, Jagex won't.The aim of the experiment is to see what happens when Jagex let information make its way around the community organically


How to be Menaphos Insiders?


There are no requirements for you to be the Menaphos Insiders, because they just want to select a wide variety of players to take part and ensure all platforms are represented.


How will Menaphos Insiders communicate?


The Menaphos Insiders can chat and share information in an exclusive Discord server.


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