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Barbarian Assault Redux Update In Today RuneScape


Barbarian Assault Redux Update In Today RuneScape

Barbarian Assault is brought bang up to date in today's RuneScape update, inspired by Primal Moose's winning pitch at RuneFest 2013.


There's an all-new hard mode, where you'll rally your friends to take down the terrifying Penance King.


Existing rewards that you know and love have been revitalised, and we’ve added some new rewards into the mix. The new rewards include four pocket-slot insignias - granting benefits to combat, gathering and healing - and a lore book revealing the origins of the Penance and their king.


There are also charged versions of the insignias which are even more powerful, but must be kept charged with an insignia recharge – a rare reward from the Penance Queen, or looted from the Penance King. Finally, there's a graphical rework of the Penance creatures, plus countless fixes, tweaks and quality-of-life improvements.


What's Barbarian Assault?

Barbarian Assault is a safe, team-based minigame where you'll help the Fremennik hold back an onslaught of extra-dimensional horrors: the Penance.


You'll take on one of four roles - Attacker, Defender, Collector or Healer - and work with your teammates to survive ten waves - facing the deadly Penance Queen at the end. Succeed, and you'll receive honour points to spend on rewards. These include Penance-themed armour and weapons, plenty of bonus XP, and a whole host of new rewards released today. If you've never given Barbarian Assault a go, now's the time. The best way to get into the game is to head over to the Barbarian Assault HQ - accessible with a games necklace, or a walk north of Ardougne - and speak to Captain Cain for a full tutorial.



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