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Bar mitzvah and Mine Blowing will on October

Oct-05-2013 PST

In this week's behind the scenes video design director of the department of defense mark shows us what Gielinorian treat future in October.Tell us what you think, this week's behind the scenes video content and October first BBS.


Bar mitzvah: over the latest winner podcasts, defense osborne and MOD crow chat rite of passage: the upcoming tasks, Runescape will take you to the aviansie home!Keep up with all the latest team to subscribe to our news podcast Runescape.Take the flying Podbean, or has reached the iTunes to do so.


Mine Blowing


Born dwarfs - the latest master tasks - this week released this year, so now, AOS perfect time to celebrate all dwarves and improve your mining and forging XP and wealth scream!Screaming to spin from tonight, you Aoll notice for two new projects: black black hoop iron ring and the precious stone.Equipped with one of them, and began to dig, to attract the attention of Evryn: a useful dwarf miners is extraordinary.Every once in a while Evryn tunnel on the way to the ground, black iron ore for its own way.If you AORE wearing black gem ring, he, avenue of stars is likely to be more generous, and produce a lot of black iron ore, AI is a black diamond, even if your government affairs director of recruitment exam particularly lucky.


Your black iron and black diamond, DE waal, a dwarf craftsmen workshop Smith, he'll be glad to deal them in mining XP or XP forging!Although the ring is screaming on wealth, there, AOS also won the mining and forging XP and pendant lamps and lanterns, and forging the opportunity to increase skill box.And black iron ring black iron hoop wealth from October 4 (Friday) 01:00 BST scream, until Tuesday, October 15 00:59 BST.Other time zone start-up time, come here to have a look.


Everyone has at least one spin, can earn more Runescape Gold through games every day.Click here to find out how.If you want to learn more, you can buy here, in the game, through the redemption of the bond, or by clicking on the "add spin" wealth the scream of the interface.