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Bank Updates Quick Presets And Drag And Drop

Apr-14-2014 PST

Managing your bank's quicker and easier than it's ever been with today's duo of updates. Equip a favourite set of combat gear or backpack-full of skilling items in the blink of an eye with quick presets, and clear out the clutter with ease with our new drag and drop to destroy function. Quick presets are an easy way to equip yourself with an oftused loadout of gear, or with a backpack of essential items for a skilling run.


The best way to see how it works is to give it a try. Log into the game and access your bank. From there, fill up your backpack and worn inventory with a setup you'd commonly use gear up as if you were going on a Slayer task, for example, or if you were running to the anvil for some smithing.


From there, you'll be able to save your current backpack, worn inventory as one of a number of presets. Then, you'll be able to reload that preset from any bank, by clicking the 'load' icon next to the preset's entry. You can even assign up to two of these as 'quick load' options, accessible right from the bank interface itself. In this way, it's easy to quickly gear up for an adventure, and your skilling will be smoother than ever.