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BTS Video within Invention half one

Nov-16-2015 PST

Raptor's Challenge | Ripper Demons

In this week's video, Mod Moltare invitations you into associate RS Gold esoteric laboratory to pore over the ingredients of associate coming talent Invention. Aspiring innovators ought to listen closely and appearance out for half a pair of of this video in Dec.


Podcast Mod Raven Exposed


Mod Matthe interviews Mod Raven on the podcast lounge asking a series of queries, all of that ar entirely serious, clearly! Topics coated embrace his typical operating day, whether or not his monozygotic twin brother is a lot of handsome than him and if he'll demonstrate his evil laugh.


Raptor's Challenge murderer Demons


Today, the foremost sinister of November's four human monsters ar unleashed upon the world: murderer demons.


These deadly melee-using monstrosities lurk in associate abandoned mine east of Al Kharid, and may drop the deadly level-85 murderer claws.


They're a onerous target for high-level slayers, and may ensue within the current Raptor's Challenge. bear in mind to require your daily assignments from bird who's currently outside Citharede Abbey creating the foremost of that double XP.


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