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BTS Video about Death Rework and Old School

May-23-2015 PST


Next week the Ninjas unleash their rework of RuneScape's Death System thanks to you, and your help in the beta! Mod Hunter's here to take us through the new system. We also catch up with the Old School Team to see what's coming up for OSRS fans.


Podcast – Ninja Team

You can't move for Ninjas these days – they've infiltrated the podcast as well! Mods Asherz, Chaose, Pi, Kelpie, James join Mod Matthe to reveal the innermost secrets of their plans for the future. Listen now on YouTube, or head over to PodBean or iTunes and subscribe to our podcasts there.


Developer Q&A Recap

If you didn't catch the Developer Q&A live stream earlier this week – including a special preview of the Tuska World Event – you'll find a full recap below, and on our YouTube channel.


Community Events

Join Mod Lee for a huge attack on the Corporeal Beast – at 22:00 UTC on Sunday 24th May. Head to the Corporeal Beast's lair on World 37, and join Mod Lee's Friends Chat channel.