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BTS Runescape Video is Minigame Spotlight and Ninja Team

May-18-2015 PST

The Minigame Spotlight's just around the corner, and Mod Asherz is back to tell us a little more about it. We also tracked down the RuneScape Ninjas, and Mods Kelpie, Manti and Timbo are here to talk about how the team has grown, and what they'll be working on in the future. Finally, Mod JD drops Runescape Gold in to keep us up to date on the Community Road Trip.


Podcast – Improved Looting
Mod Mohawk joins Mod Matthe to talk about Improved Looting on this week's podcast. Listen to the podcast on YouTube, or head over to PodBean or iTunes. Subscribe or follow on your preferred channel to keep up with the latest RuneScape podcasting goodness.


Live Streams and Community
If you missed it live, check out the most recent Q&A stream, where Mods Pi, Kelpie and Rowley sit down and answer your questions.