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B0aty dies on HCIM

Oct-16-2017 PST

Last week, B0aty HCIM death caused the player's great concern. At the same time, it makes OSRS DC a hot topic. Its death for many players expressed frustration.


Because of the OSRS DC issue, the famous OSRS player - B0aty’s HCIM account died two days ago. This message appears, OSRS DC has become a hot topic. Everyone is in a warm discussion. If he died to a DC he'd probably take a break from RS and wouldn't make a new HCIM.


About this issue, Jagex explained that they did not ignore the problem and have been working hard. However, The DC issue is very complex and can not be fixed just with money. And that will be resolved as soon as possible


We should believe Jagex and hope that the OSRS DC problem will be resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your support, we will do it better. Now, you can give us feedback, what do you want any offers in Halloween? More cheap OSRS Gold and RS Gold for Sale at rsgoldfast.


Rsgoldfast Team