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August runescape community activity highlights

Aug-06-2013 PST

Remember to vote divination Skillcape, according to a poll on Friday as of August 2nd! Seems to be our god has decided to involvement in social network, to create their own Runescape Gold Facebook page! If you go on Facebook, say hello to the Saradomin Zamorak and their 'Like'.

Gathered all the tribes of runescape! This more than a month of tribal incident on August 3, so if you like to participate in you must tidy up your swamp paste, ropes and save the bucket because it's the trawler time! Check out the event thread for more information.

RuneHQ events team will form a hunting party this weekend, tracing the exiled Kalphite queen her beehive, deep in Kharidian desert. Want to be a wrong destructor should to RuneHQ BBS for more information.

The new issue of "Tip. It times" is available, including commentary, the National People's Congress, and an interesting crossword puzzle, you see see!

Divination pool has created this terrible video, the first in a series of charts the history of Gielinor. If you ever want to know what events and legends, led to a world event, currently raging battle in the game? This is a great way to catch up! Do you get the most out of your player state-owned port? JikkirCraft created some great secret of cultivated land resource use your POP this cool video. * warning: may contain traces of annoying flowing port music.