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August 2014 Runescape Behind The Scenes

Aug-04-2014 PST

Our longest running quest series concludes this month with Plague's End a massive Grandmaster quest that's also the lead-up to the opening of Prifddinas the Elf City. There's also a month-load of clan updates and events, a boss-bashing Slayer update and a player-pitched overhaul to Barbarian Assault. It's looking like an awesome August for RuneScape!


Soul Reaper

The ninjas have been busy too, bringing you a Slayer update we're calling Soul Reaper. You see, Death is getting a little frustrated with the amount of life these boss monsters have, so he wants you to kill them. All of them. As a reward for completing his special assignments, he’s happy to offer fat chunks of Slayer XP, plus access to a brand new gem - which can be crafted into some tasty, top-tier jewellery. These are far more powerful than the onyx gear you have available right now, although they still require onyx to craft. You’ll also be able to earn larger bonuses to your health in PvM battles via the bonfires and get access to some new stats showing you your best times for killing each boss - plus a record of how many times you've killed them.


Barbarian Assault Rework

After an amazing pitch last year from PrimalMoose during RuneFest’s Dragons'-Den-style competition, we’ve taken Barbarian Assault and shoved it down the gullet of a Penance runner. It’s been slashed viciously by a Penance fighter, gnawed on by a healer, eyeballed by a spawn and revived by a Penance Queen - more deadly and rewarding than ever before. Take on the new hard mode to fight the Penance King, using all the teamwork you can muster! Experience a shiny new environment, improved Penance creature graphics, and updated rewards! Plus, dual-wield flamethrowers! The whole minigame is really quite fantastic, and the feel and vibe of the original game is still there - just even more MEGA.


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