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As all of you know Twitch is coming


As all of you know Twitch is coming

As an avid gamer and esports fans, this is fantastic, the backup climb of popular game Runescape Twitch! Given this (and a lot of the follow-up content was teasing!) , we think this is a community of time team got involved in the fun! We are pleased to announce the official Runescape community tic flows, here you will be able to listen to watch the antics of JMods in event run game, play by the contents of the current and future, otherwise it is difficult to and the boss - I dod rockets in looking at you!

You can check out the channel, here, we look forward to working with you to catch up with the first our JMod sponsored activities this evening and at 6 PM to 10 PM BST. From our first meeting will be run by the MOD dean excellent development team, as well as 6 PM BST. Milan baros to join him and the world!

As the events of the RS3 Gielinor fast moving land - so need some time to grab some popcorn, pulled up a chair, settle down, to see what the best community! For our upcoming flow of the discussion and full details, you can check out our plan.

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