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Are you ready to eat 50 bananas


Are you ready to eat 50 bananas

On September 4, 2013, the challenge to eat bananas! Announced earlier this week that the September every day, we will add a new super challenge challenge system list of daily challenges. The challenge today is: eat 50 bananas. You only need one day to complete and hand in the challenge, so fast - you won't get a second chance!


Although the super run in September, you will also receive the X2 XP (town) X1.25 XP to finish your daily challenges. Each super challenge, will reward you with XP and continued active super hero can see the part of the finished today's challenges, to complete tomorrow can go to receive the subject of a superhero. More emphasis is on the table before 1000, received a special award. If you want to join the September, be sure to subscribe to these challenges is only provided to members.


Allen's September super challenge: behind the scenes in last week's video, we set a task for Allen - the super September every week to complete a challenge in real life. He chose what challenges? He has started to do? He is now quick collapse? Go to see Ellen's super challenge in September!

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