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Analysis of all kinds of situation since the bonds issue

Oct-15-2013 PST

Mod Pips on bonds, including the use of bonds and the Runescape gold farmer's latest statistics. Everybody is good, since a week bond, we have had a great reaction from the society, and have already seen the new function have immediate impact on competition. There have been some different opinions, it's a pretty big change of the game, this is understandable, some players will be sceptical. In this article, I will share information made some differences in bonds of society have been discussing topics, and to give my own ideas.


Bonds impact


Bond was conceived as a way to weaken the RS gold farmers, its illegal real world trade is destroy the game economy system and destruction. Although it is early days, we have already seen some very encouraging results.  Runescape Gold farmers activity analysis has shown that since the launch of the bond:


Into the wealth of the gold farmers fell by 81%;The number of real world industry has decreased by 61%;The wealth of the real world volume has decreased by 63%;I expected a more modest effect, with the passage of time, more and more farmers weaken gold bonds, but actually affect is intense and rapid - good news!


I read some BBS posts, said bonds can not effectively prevent gold farmers, if traders can cheap sell black gold in the real world. Although this seems to be logical, it is not so. Bond prices RS GP is determined by the players, so naturally to the value of the player is willing to trade, to fill the requirements, otherwise will become the gold farmers. As already indicated, the bond is not directly the need of price competition, to disrupt business, "marginalized in the market place, and give them the packing.


I want to assure you that complement our existing bonds of gold farmers and the zombies, rather than replace them. Botwatch and related backend system aiming at the problem of the supply side, on the other hand, the bonds target the demand side. We will continue to develop our system of anti gold farmers. Launched last week, for example, bonds at the same time, we deployed a trade analysis tools to upgrade, we begin to work this week extended suite, anti gold farmers BotWatch function. I can confirm that on Monday, we conducted large-scale marcel forbids the use of a third party client account, total tens of thousands. Bonds will not stop our other protective measures, we will continue to track and intercept the real world, strip wealth "and mule account, and vigorously promotes the banned account to game damage in this way.


Bond usage statistics


Bonds and serious damage rs gold farmers, has the very good open membership availability, and through the game let you pay the side effects. Here are some headlines from the first week of statistic: more than $3500 m bond talent to other players. More than 10000 free play bonds as a member of the player. More than 800 years of membership is through bond redemptions. Through the bond redemptions of more than 3000000 RuneCoins has. More than 1. 3 billion GP in bond transaction tax again. Almost 10% of the ticket sold RuneFest so far has been to buy bonds.


We also heard some great members how to use the bond each other and help each other in the report, including clubbing together, buy a ticket bond RuneFest harm for their people, who cannot afford the price, otherwise the clan. It's wonderful to hear the story. I am really very happy, more players can now with through bond members involved in Runescape. I love the idea of a special game, making money for a few hours, the player can pay them the next piece of members, and continue to do this line, rather than having to buy with real money.