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After 15 years RuneScape says farewell to Java and hello to new graphics

Jun-27-2016 PST

After 15 years of service RuneScape claims its farewell to Java meant for a fresh game client called NXT, making the activity both look and run better.


The creators of RuneScape, Jagex, have re-launched the activity with a fresh launcher, NXT, meaning to sum up for trusty Java. The new launcher and many types of the improvements can be found in development for approximately couple of years and may according, to Jagex, improve the activity



"This means better RuneScape performance than previously, cared for looks great too – vast viewing distances, dynamic shadows and delightful lighting."


The new launcher has basically no requirements, "Requirements: None." NXT should take advantage inside the user's computer so RuneScape creates almost any system, when it's ignore working looked after features a error "flag" button to push plus a team should do the repair.


Launching alongside the newest launcher a fresh quest line remains released, Benedict's World Tour, with eight quests totally free players and eight more for paid members. These new quests will, good RuneScape team, showcase all the newest features that offer the NXT launcher.


The biggest difference between the old RuneScape and the newest the very first is always that while using NXT launcher RuneScape will not be considered a browser game, players will have to download it's capable of play.


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