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Adopt Vorago to be your companion in Runescape

Jul-14-2013 PST

Brave you may have tried to challenge Vorago, that appear in the latest of Gielinor Runescape large entities. You may not know is that he can break, these works have their own mind! In fact, you can take one of the pet - now I introduce you Vorago fragments. This incredible rock partner, it is you, accompany you to adopt and Gielinor. Was the first to partner the pet Vorago fragments. Companion pets on your command performs a unique expression, and can the be fond of according to oneself the recoloured.


Note Vorago fragments from the recently released vitaly, following the pet is very different. Now all kinds of pet in the game category of detailed information, please refer to the convenience of common problems.


This wonderful new pet now from my site found inside, so please don't place the order as soon as possible at your convenience. If you want to purchase additional RuneCoins, our website click on the button to buy.