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A war of Lumbridge summary of this week


A war of Lumbridge summary of this week

As of today, we in Lumbridge battles of the second week! Because of its position, so far, more than Zamorak Saradomin continued to expand his lead, but his tears falling in the comparison of Zamorak - so it is not over yet, Zamorakians.

Both sides in the conflict to vote for their injuries on the pitch trading ability enhancement, options of sacrifice, to strengthen their defence. This week, they will be called for to determine his own faction of strong reinforcements. Between powerful centaur small spirit champion, and a powerful remote behemoth Saradominists can choose, at the same time can choose between small demon champion of cohesion and the destructive power of pure siege Zamorakian force of the beast. Hear your voice! Olathe, the duke will also be looking for more advice adventurer wise creation of Lumbridge east refugee shelters. Make sure you give him your opinion, his new predicament, and demanded free additional experience, this option will continue to change the appearance of town.

Our world events team has been pay close attention to how things progress over the past week, we've made some correction problems. It is worth noting, but not limited to: load balancing battle is now active again. If the battle area, overpopulation, and you can now take an instance, it is not too full. Frame rate which should help some of you have encountered problems, should be more easy to find something to kill. We will continue to continue to pay attention to events. If you put your bonus armor to enter the dungeon war god, you should now find it correctly as armour of god. We have added many soldiers can spawn a on the battlefield, to encourage more fighting.

We have already solved the problem of HISCORE table, the people saw them score higher than it actually is in the game. If you see your HISCORE table item, don't worry! You haven't punished ticket or reputation, it is only now displays the correct score. Disappear from "god (win) to 0 lead to X, XXX, XXX" text on the HUD's problem has been solved. There are tears multiplier some confusion on how to work. We have made it clear that a correct representation of the tool tip your multiplier shows the average of the tears, you will receive each drop for you collect collect tears every day; And to reset a new day. We have increasing the flow of electricity's famous "I" tool tip, if you want to check it to your camp quartermaster. Wrong character a couple words from some supporting characters were gone. We as a prestigious, rare ability, increasing the price spectrum expression says its own state. As a result, it will be more challenges now, collect all the rewards with Runescape Gold from either side. Don't forget that this week brings extra troops on the battlefield of random events themselves. Battle has only just begun!

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