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A Xmas Concept from Mod MMG

Dec-26-2013 PST

Christmas is the time for discussing and party, so as we go into the christmas year, I desired to take a second to discuss some of my ideas with you.


Overall, I’m really satisfied with RuneScape, the group and our group – we’ve got lots to enjoy. It’s been an awesome year to be a RuneScape gamer - probably our best yet - and I do not just mean with regards to activity content. The group seems more powerful and more vivid than I can remember in the past seven years.


There are almost too many things to bring up, so I’m just going to discuss my personal top features of the year:


The first was the elect and launch of Old University RuneScape. The community’s interest for returning classic old style web servers had been increasing in strength, so we explored our records and - fortunately - handled to find a single dirty back-up of the experience rule from Aug 2007.


We needed to evaluate assistance, so there was a members' elect. A good part of the group rallied around the cause, with almost 450,000 ballots authorized to back up the discharge of Old University. Since then, I’ve acutely viewed the Old University group set up itself and develop strong origins, forming the experience the way they want to, and strengthening into a devoted service that we continue to back up.


Another great storage was the discharge of RuneScape 3 - especially the work under the surface in the run up to the discharge. You cannot think about how hard the entire group proved helpful to bring this together for you. Seeing the squad's determined effort, interest, commitment and strong companionship made me extremely extremely pleased and humbled to be able to provide them. For me, this most tangibly shows their strong love for the experience and desire to pleasure their group. We organised a media occasion in the attractive Peckforton Adventure, and it was amazing to reaffirm the game’s extremely well known place on the world level and to discuss our perspective for the long run of RuneScape.