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A Poll about New Updates lauched in Runescape

Apr-05-2017 PST

Recently, Jagex has just lauched a poll in Runescape to check which of the updates on offers will be suitable in Runescape. Now, let's check the updates as below:

Re-work of Nieve's Dungeon

Re-work of Nieve's Dungeon is the main update on offer nowedays. Slayer is a skill which takes you far and wide, providing you chanced to visit many places you otherwise wouldn't in your day-to-day play. In Nieve's Dungeon to other parts of the map, you will find a lot of spawns here and tasks kiilable in this dungeon.

Slayer Master

This Slayer Master is sure to offer a new challenge for those willing to put their life on the line, and offers a whopping 25 Slayer Points for each task completed. From Wilderness assignments there is many rewards you can earn containing on the poll: tier 1 Bounty Hunter emblem drops and Slayer's Staff Enchantments!

Client of Kourend

In this update, you only can get the small rewards: two experience lamps for 500 Xp each, usable on any skill. But there are a lot of rewards to let you gain favour in Great Kourend.

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