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A Chinese mining company wants to buy RuneScape

Sep-13-2016 PST

In today's edition of Unexpected Developments in Decade-Old Browser Games, apparently , Shandong Hongda Mining Co. Ltd., a Chinese mining firm, may well be a deal to buy RuneScape developer Jagex for $300 million. DealStreetAsia reports it a done deal, while a post around the RuneScape forums

describes it a “potential” acquisition. Either way, the most obvious question personally is, why?


There's gold included there browser-based RPGs from 2002, apparently. But is actually what's happening here? Neither report digs in to the motivations behind the overture; DSA says the purchase “is a part of Shandong's request business transformation whilst it aims to boost its outbound M&A

[mergers and acquisitions] experience.”


Even so, a ferrous metal mining firm in Shanghai buying up a UK-based videogame studio whose best-known jobs are 15 years old is, unquestionably, somewhat odd initially. But RuneScape, despite its age, may well be a multi-tentacled free-to-play beast, and my guess is Shandong sees it a turnkey

entry available on the market that's very lucrative, specially in Asia, along with entirely distinct within the core business.


For gamers, the most effective bit occurs when the deal falls, there is little change. “Put simply, our plans, such as the launch of NXT, Zeah, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, God Wars Dungeon 2, and RuneScape: Idle Adventures, stick with track,” the studio wrote. “It is business as usual across Gielinor!”


Update: Jagex has sent us a quarrel indicating that reports the acquisition continues to be completed are incorrect. "Jagex has entered inside the non-exclusive, non-binding arrangement for each potential acquisition," it said. "The negotiations all around the acquisition are ongoing looked after remains

greatly business as usual for your Company."

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