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8 news Combat Pets and 3 new titles

Nov-06-2017 PST

In this month, RuneScape added 8 new combat skilling pets and gain three new titles. Are you a RuneScape pet collector ? Here are some notes you should knows?


Eight rare and gorgeous creatures - combat pets


Four months ago, RS invited a group of talented designers to design combat pets. This month, these rare fantastic combat pets finally will be added in to the game. Let's get to know them.


1. Shamini, Summoning


2. Newton, Magic


3. Morty, Constitution


4. Kangali, Strength


5. Sifu, Attack


6. Wallace, Defense


7. Sparky, Ranged


8. Ghostly, Prayer


They will headed to Gielinor as combat pets and obtainable while training combat, with Crabbe as a pet.


Three new titles


1. Jack of Blades


This title you can gain three of the listed above nice combat pets.


2. Jack of All Blades


You can get all 9 combat pets.


3. Master of All


All 27 skill-related pets are obtained


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Enjoy your game


Rsgoldfast Team