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​2020 Revenants Guide In RSgoldfast

Feb-17-2020 PST

Revenants are the ghostly versions of the creatures you see all around Gielinor. And all these ghostly figures can be found concentrated in the Revenant Caves, which are underground formations in the Wilderness, from levels 28 to 34. As these monsters are quite dangerous due to their high stats, you must take precaution when facing them. Lucky for you, we’ve got a solid strategy to tackle these Revenants, so that you can get out of there much richer than when you came in!

Before we jump in, keep in mind that the Revenant caves are in the wilderness, where players can target you. And most probably – they will target you. So, don’t bring anything you’re not willing to lose!

The Revenants

Before you know how to defeat the revenants – you should first meet them! There are 11 different revenants – so let’s quickly touch on them!

First, is the Revenant Imp, which has a combat level of 7, with 10 hit points. Next, is the Revenant Goblin, with a combat level of 15, and 14 hit points. After that, is the Revenant Pyre fiend, which has a combat level of 52, and 48 hit points. Next, is the Revenant Hobgoblin, which has a combat level of 60, and 72 hit points. Additionally, there’s the Revenant Cyclops which has a combat level of 82, and 110 hot points. After that, there’s the Revenant Hellhound, with a combat level of 90 and 80 hit points. Next, is the Revenant Demon, with a combat level of 98 and also 80 hit points. Next, the Revenant Ork has a combat level of 105 with 105 hit points. Almost there, the Revenant Dark Beast has a combat level of 120 with 140 hit points. The Revenant Knight has a combat level of 126 with 143 hit points. And finally, the Revenant Dragon has a combat level of 135 with 155 hit points. 

Now that you’re familiar with them, let’s jump into strategies!


For the Revenants, we recommend you have at least 70 attack, 70 strength, 40 defence, 70 range (if you choose to range), and at least 43 prayer. To make things more convenient, we recommend you also have at least 89 agility.

Gear Setup

There are two approaches we recommend taking when facing the Revenants: either the Ranged or Melee approach. Let’s go through them both!

Ranged Approach

We’ll now run through the ranged gear you should equip yourself with before heading to Revenants. On the left, you’ll see the gear we recommend the most. If for some reason you don’t have the level requirements to wear it, or you can’t afford it, use the gear to the right of it, until you stumble upon something you can use to assist you when you tackle the Revenants.

Helm: Archer Helm > Snakeskin Bandana

Amulet: Salve Amulet (ei) > Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of Glory

Cape: Ava’s Assembler > Ava’s Accumulator > Ranging Cape > Ava’s Attractor

Top: Black D’hide Body > Red D’hide Body > Monk’s Robe Top

Bottoms: Black D’hide Chaps > Red D’hide Chaps > Monk’s Robe

Weapon: Craw’s Bow > Toxic Blowpipe > Magic Short bow

Ammo: None if using Craw’s Bow or Toxic Blowpipe > Rune Arrows

Bracelet: Bracelet of Ethereum

Boots: Pegasian Boots > Blessed Boots > Snakeskin Boots

Ring: Explorer’s Ring 4 > Ring of Wealth > Ring of Duelling

Melee Approach

The following is our recommended setup for those of you who want to take the Melee approach.

Helm: Serpentine Helm > Helm of Netizinot/Dwarven Helm > Berseker Helm > Warrior Helm

Amulet: Salve Amulet (e) > Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Glory

Cape: Mythical Cape/Ardougne Cloak 4 > Cape of Accomplishment > Cape of Legends

Top: Black D’hide Body > Monk’s Robe Top

Bottoms: Black D’hide Chaps > Monk’s Robe

Weapon: Viggora’s Chain Mace > Elder Maul > Abyssal Whip > Saradomin Sword

Shield: None if using two-handed weapon > Dragon Defender > Rune Defender

Bracelet: Bracelet of Ethereum

Boots: Primordial Boots > Dragon Boots > Rune Boots > Climbing Boots

Ring: Explorer’s Ring 4 > Ring of Wealth > Ring of Duelling

Inventory Setup

Ranged Approach

Melee Approach

How to Get There

Once you’re all geared up, it’s time to head to the Revenants! To get there, you can either use a burning amulet to teleport outside the Lava Maze and heading south, Wilderness Obelisks to get to level 35 wilderness and heading north, making a waka canoe and heading north-west, or using a revenant cave teleports. The aforementioned teleports and their locations are shown on the map adjacent.

At level 89 Agility, you can teleport to the Bandit Camp & use the given shortcut, which brings you straight to the revenants rather than the Lava Maze.

How to Kill Revenants

As Revenants use all 3 forms of attack, it’s important to able to adapt. Therefore, you’ll need to use your overhead prayers wisely. The revenant’s magic attacks can stun you and hit others near you. The revenants are also able to heal themselves. To block their damage, ensure that you are wearing a charged bracelet of Ethereum. This bracelet can be charged by revenant ethers, which are dropped by the revenants. Wearing the bracelet nullifies the attacks of the revenants, other than the freezing capabilities.

Ensure that you’re ‘protect item’ prayer is always on, to lose the least amount of money in the case you die via a revenant or another player. You should also consider bringing a royal seed pod, or any charged Dragonstone jewellery so that you can quickly head out in danger or when it’s time to bank.  Keep in mind, you can only teleport to safety at level 30 wilderness or below. As some places in the cave are above level 30 wilderness, you may need to retreat to other parts of the cave to teleport.

Using a Dinh’s bulwark is greatly recommended due to its defensive bonuses. As you can be experiencing a lot of damage from other player’s, sometimes in groups, using a Dinh’s bulwark in conjunction with protection prayers dramatically increases your chances of survival. Additionally, the use of the prayer’s ‘augury’ or ‘mystic might’ can help increase your defence further, thus increasing your chances of survival even further. However, ensure that your prayer points are always kept high, so you don’t get smited and lose a valuable item.


Now – the best part, the drops! As you may be aware, the Revenants drop a wide variety of high valued armour, weapons and resources. In addition to that, the Revenants can also drop ancient artefacts and unique wilderness weapons. You can increase your chance of receiving a wilderness weapon and ancient artefact if you’re skulled. To become skulled, simply either attack another player, ask the Emblem Trader or equip an amulet of avarice. Equipping the latter also makes it so all the Revenant Caves drops are noted.

In regard to the ancient artefacts, there are 6 total artefacts you can receive. The first, is the ancient emblem, which is worth 500,000 coins. Next, is the ancient totem, which is worth 1,000,000 coins. After that, is the ancient statuette, which is worth 2,000,000 coins. Additionally, the ancient medallion is worth 4,000,000 coins. Moving on, the ancient effigy is worth 8,000,000 coins. And finally, the ancient relic is worth 16,000,000 coins.

There you have it – our comprehensive Revenants guides. Enjoy making all that profit, get more runescape gold & osrs gold and we look forward to seeing you in another guide soon!