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2013 is the year of all Runescape players

Aug-21-2013 PST

This year, our mission is to make 2013 player of the year, let you in the future of the game has a direct impact. Whether through voting and, the current world events such as content updates, or directly with the community interaction, through social media and activity, we are committed to keep 100%, in this and continue to make significant progress. We have been working on ways to get closer to the society, especially with the current game Runescape 3 as well as the sustainable development of the old school services.

Through the video, real-time streaming media and social media, we will continue to strengthen our community as the center. We are looking forward to enter the game or the growth of the community have a positive impact of social members, either through social media, and to their fathers' houses, fan site, or live streaming video.

So, we are proud to announce, welcomed the latest three members: Jagex family: Regicidal, So Wreck3d, all represent different Silentc0re, commitment, enthusiasm, dynamic nature of Runescape. I believe they are in addition to the team will continue to strengthen Jagex and stronger connection between community Runescape. Then they began doing? Our YouTube channel management. We tic channel management. Gnome community based video RS (Golden Gnomes) and OSRS game. Support video community, in order to promote your video. 3 live streams and growth of the existing Runescape Runescape video community. Old School live and support the existing OSRS video production community. It is only the beginning! We are looking forward to do more video and social media activities.