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12 Days of Dragon Sleigher event

Jan-19-2018 PST

12 Days of Dragon Sleigher event is a brand new community event in the Old School RuneScape and started from December 25th. Each day there is one clue on OSRS official social channels, as: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram . You need to solve the riddles to gain OSRS Christmas loot.


On the first day ,the clue given by OSRS is “Defeated at last, the menace is done. Dig by the entrance of where a great battle was won" ; the second day is “Search a crate found beside the man who hates dragons hates dragons hates dragons.” If you found out the answers start an explosion of Christmas loot now! The answers also on OSRS official socials.


Wish you good luck and found out the clue gain OSRS Christmas loot. More OSRS gold cheap for sale at


Enjoy your holidays!


Rsgoldfast Team