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    11-09-2015 09:54

    In 2016, RuneScape are going to be fifteen RS Gold years recent, and in celebration Apostle and Paul Gower are going to be returning as guest designers and government producers for a replacement quest. we wish to induce you concerned too by coming up with one amongst the quest's rewards!


    The quest reward ought to be celebration-themed to commemorate fifteen superb years of RuneScape and will be anything! a dressing up, a pet, a weapon, animation your imagination is that the solely limit.


    The competition is open till the thirtieth of Nov, and 5 finalists are going to be elect to travel through to a player poll. For those less artistically inclined, haven't any concern all rival entries are going to be sketched by Jagex conception artists.


    To get the artistic cogs turning, here’s AN example plan from Mod JD, showcasing his MadPaintSkillz:


    Each of the 5 finalists can receive fifteen months of membership, yet as a signed copy of their idea's sketch.


    The winner can have their plan enclosed within the quest, yet as time period membership, a signed copy of their sketch and a sculpture of their player character!


    Use the competition entry kind to send U.S. your plan. Please scan our Competition Terms and Conditions and our list for a lot of info.


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