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  • Treasure Hunter Rares and Luckies Refresh runescape
    03-13-2015 10:43

    Treasure Hunter's home to some exclusive, rare items, and it's high time for a refresh.


    First up, we've introduced a new Rare Item Store – the currency for which (rare tokens) are available on Treasure Hunter from 00:00 UTC on 13th March onwards. Access the store by clicking on your tokens. It's from here that you'll have the last chance to get some of Treasure Hunter's old rare items, which will be gone once their limited stock runs out.


    The store also contains new rares – a limited number of which are available at a special early bird price. From 00:00 UTC (game time) on 13th March until 23:59 UTC on 16th March, you'll get an increased token yield on Treasure Hunter. Finally, you can win new rares on Treasure Hunter itself – as well as lucky chaotic weapons.


    The following rares are available - in limited numbers - on the Rare Item Store only.

        Closed helmet
        Dominion Tower maul
        Headsplitter hat
        Auspicious Katana
        Legendary horns
        Skullbuster hat
        Slayer Tower shortbow
        Wizards' Tower staff


    We're rolling out a new batch of rares too, which are up for grabs on Treasure Hunter and the Rare Item Store from this weekend on:

        Gold cane: strut your stuff with this two-handed cosmetic weapon – which modifies your walk animation when wielded.
        Flaming head: get hot under the collar with this head-slot item, which wreathes your face with flame.
        Sunglasses: stylish eyewear with recolourable lenses. Clear, dark, mirror shades and many more – 7 colours in total.
        Leprechaun hat: as worn by everyone's favourite farming assistants.
        Silver hawk: a glove-and-bird combo – equipped as a two-handed cosmetic weapon – that comes with a modified walk animation.
        Imcando pistols: indulge your flintlock fantasies with these dual beauties.  Effectively crossbows, they fire bolts but boast a flashy firing effect. 

        Imcando axes: dual melee weapons from the legendary Imcando smiths. Stats can be switched from 1 up to 70.
        Imcando rod and focus: eldritch artefacts with cool casting animations. Stats can be altered from 1 up to 70.


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