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  • The new Elements of Death in Runescape
    05-15-2013 10:52

    We recently released a set of clothes and face in Runescape, full of constant elements of the theme, which made me consider: why don't adventures to conquer elements like conquer their enemies, because they beat their enemies? This week, I introduce you to the Death of carefully selected Elements of PVP animation: Elements of Death!

    Elements of the new collection tells you how to use the power, to change your PVP were defeated in the image. Petrochemical your enemies, see them to dust; Beating the air, and make it become a vicious storm, and with deadly lightning to put an end to them; Make the ashes in the fire; Or put them buried in a magic water polo.

    All four Runescape animations can now buy from our website, so please order as early as possible at your convenience. If you want to purchase additional RuneCoins, you also can be found on our website, don't forget, we have to all members provide a good discount.

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