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    11-12-2013 11:20

    Everybody is good, a lot of people may have noticed that our game server, bolt or long-term lagging performance for intermittent connectivity issues. I want to personally let you know the current existing problems, and we are going through, what we are doing to solve this situation. Now for more than a year, we've been in numerous DDoS attacks our goal of the game. For those you don't know, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, blunt as RuneScape online services, aimed at undermining the website, BBS or game completely unavailable, or break the traffic such as his legitimate end users.


    Technology is different, but is essentially a DDoS attacks involving the overwhelming online services and malicious traffic.This is - unfortunately - more and more the plague of the industry, and many online services of struggle, seems to be one of the biggest goal in RUNESCAPE.These attacks motivation seems to be different, but the end result is the same. Sharp increase in attacks ties closely to dismantle the private server, botnets and ", so it will follow in revenge, destroying their business.Leading to premature users increase like 'cloth with buss' DDoSing and stealing from many individual players, credit service interruptions RUNESCAPE malicious BBS.


    I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that we have, is and will continue to make unremitting efforts, in order to prevent the impact of your game, we can from a lot of these attacks., we have made a lot of billions of pounds of investment in our global IT infrastructure, in response to continue to attack, and is working with some and security service providers, completely eradicate the problem.We are working closely with law enforcement agencies around the world, the people responsible for these attacks and justice.


    I also want to to all our players, any personal information at risk, because these DDoS attacks.We will continue to fight the threat and is doing everything in our power to ensure the RuneScape can still play 24/7 to you.The source of any information provide DDoS attacks or they are welcome to contact us.Provide any information or evidence will be rewarded, the success of the cause of the individual or organization behind these attacks criminal prosecution a bounty of $10000.00. More Runescape Gold cheap info you can find from

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