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  • Runescape Treasure Hunter – Talk like a Pirate Day!
    09-18-2014 02:01

    Head into the Treasure Hunter pirate cove to unlock chests between Thursday 18th September at 01:00 UK time and Thursday 25th September at 00:59 UK time to win precious doubloons! Collect your doubloons and exchange them in a special treasure chest interface for pirate themed cosmetic items.


    Want to get your grubby mitts on even more doubloons? Shiver me timbers! Kill pirates, pickpocket them, or gain tickets in the Brimhaven Agility Course for more doubloons to exchange for the very best pirate booty, including:


        A Pirate Sheep Companion (complete with pirate jig)
        ‘Walking the Plank’ emote
        A Ship's Wheel Shield
        A Swordfish Weapon
        A Jolly Roger Cape
        Peg leg Boots
        10 different pirate titles
        6 different beard overrides, 3 for the lasses, and 3 for the buccaneers



    Even Alice is getting in on the action, she and her pirate cove have had a makeover! You scallywags can even stop to have a pirate-themed chat with her. Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and if you’re a RuneScape member you get two! You can also get your hands on more through gameplay – just visit the wiki to find out how, and learn a little more about Treasure Hunter at the same time. You can also buy more Keys via the website, redeem Bonds in-game, or just select ‘Buy Keys’ when you’re in Treasure Hunter.


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