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    11-13-2017 03:03

    Recently, RuneScape posted some message about upcoming events. Such as: Revolution Updates, Evil Dave's Big Day Out, and some Christmas Event. Now let's take a brief know.


    Revolution Updates


    Revolution is now more laid-back than ever, you can automatically trigger thresholds and ultimates. Moreover,now you also can tailor exactly how many of your abilities should be automatic. Furthermore ,balancing monsters in different modes ,and increased the average floor damage given by both Legacy combat and special attacks.


    Evil Dave's Big Day Out


    In the few day, there will be a novice task called Evil Dave's Big Day Out. The new mission is about Evil Dave. At present, the core mission of the mission has been completed. Let’s look forward to this mission.


    Christmas 2017


    The most anticipated Christmas will be coming. It was understood, this Christmas will be related with the Pinocchio themed event in December. and with chapters, while each chapter will open a Skilling place for you.


    All in all, we will pay attention to every RS events and share for you. Also, Our website "Black Friday" carnival event start on this Saturday (Nov.18). Are you ready? More cheap Runescape Gold for Sale at rsgoldfast.


    Rsgoldfast Team

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