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    06-15-2016 11:02

    Ports voyages are in fact filled with narrative content. Even the simplest of voyages could mention a brand new character or faction, a good deal monster or event. At the time of their writing, we weren't ever since they were things we'd ever see in-game, and therefore, there are lots of ideas that

    wouldn't become game content. As text, your mind can complete the blanks that no amount of graphical budget ever could.


    As such, Ports definitely definitely helps to make the Eastern Lands a regular melting pot of concepts, a blending of real-world cultures and mythologies, original creations and thinly disguised pop culture references. In one way, that's perfect for us, since it is a treasure chest of ideas for us to draw upon

    along with a easy way to start. On the other hand, there are other concepts available than we'll ever do justice to, despite many years of development time.


    To reel off 'just a few' inside the Arc region alone we've (breathe deeply) Incha the sea harpy, invisible salmon, tusked lions, Waiko earthquakes, various sites of magical significance, Shuma, flying squid, cyclopes, sirens and seasingers, Purists, sea orphans, soothsayers, smugglers, oxen, haunted islands,

    various missionaries inside the west, Skulls pirates, sky orphan temples, giant turtles, bamboo, isolationists...(phew).


    This list isn't exhaustive whatsoever, and then we wouldn't only want to make content according to descriptions of Ports voyages anyway. We've got lots of our personal new ideas, a heap of great suggestions from RuneLabs, and many new narrative according to Monkeymaner's Temple inside the Sky



    It's practical for, quickly, more of these ideas can make their way into the game past the short text descriptions they've. For our July and October releases for the Arc, however, we've needs to be selective. As a result, certain parts within the Arc will feel familiar to Ports players, and then we're hoping

    that additional circumstances become surprise surprise.


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