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  • OSRS The Winter Finals will come on Saturday December 9th
    11-11-2017 03:13

    Yesterday, the Old School RuneScape team released about the time, date and place of Winter Finals. And there are some epic changes in this Winter Finals. Here let's know more about the Winter Finals.


    The Winter Finals time


    The Winter Finals will begin at 12 pm GMT (7 am EST) on Monday 4th December, will until Saturday 9th. and you can also see on the RuneScape Twitch. The first place will take the $ 20,000.


    Some changes


    This Winter Finals very epic changes added a lot of new content.


    1. Supply chests


    The location of these chests will be announced in two different stages. But one will be specific, another will offer very lucrative rewards.


    2. Final areas


    In the game added a second "Final areas" :Barbarian Village and the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness.The player will be assigned a final area. And each final area the last surviving 64 players will be transported to the final islands, notice: a total of 128 players.


    3. Permadeath Beta


    It will make sure that all systems going to smoothly in the actual final in early December, and the Deadman Mode Permadeath public beta will begin on November 23.


    4. Final 1v1 Stage


    There are 128 surviving players will be sent to a random, independent arena.These players regardless of level, location, equipment and a set of seven 1v1 fighting brackets.(more details about Final 1v1 Stage here)




    1st place will receive $20,000.


    2nd place will receive $10,000


    3rd and 4th place will receive $1,000


    The remaining 12 players will receive 12 months membership


    If you want to join, now you can get ready and good luck to you. all cheap Old School RuneScape Gold for sale.  Black Friday Sale coming soon.


    Rsgoldfast Team

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