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  • OSRS Design Competition and Deadman Tournament
    12-02-2017 02:52

    Recently, they are two events in Old School RuneScape. One is the Mythical Cape Design Competition and the others is the Deadman Tournament will begin at next Monday.


    Mythical Cape Design Competition.


    Old School RuneScape hold the Mythical Cape Design Competition. In the community now you need to decide which 3 Capes is the best and should be added to the game. Your decision is important. The capes will be added to a poll in-game and will remain open until next week. The highest option will be considered a winner.


    The Deadman Tournament


    The Deadman Tournament begins on Monday 4th December 2017 at approximately 12:00 pm GMT (07:00 am EST) and ends on Saturday 9th December 2017. Furthermore,the Winter Finals Live stream you can watch on the Twitch,TV at 7pm GMT Saturday 9th December .


    At last, King of the Skill has officially ended. Winners will be officially announced on or before the 14th December. Do not forget the offer 6% "BFS6" end of December 4. Runescape Gold cheap for sale on


    Happy weekend!!!


    Rsgoldfast Team


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