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    12-07-2017 03:02

    Runescape fans noticed! ! ! Don't miss the Cheer Hunter outfit for Runescape LootScape this month, if you have interests.


    Two days ago, the official Twitter for Runescape post that this month with Runescape LootScape, you have the chance to win the amazing items, it is Cheer Hunter outfit. (click the outfit pic.)


    How to get Cheer Hunter outfit?


    1. You need to watching the Runescape LootScape Twitch live stream ;


    2. Your Runescape account linked to your Twitch account;


    3. Each eligible viewer within 24 hours of the LootScape enabled stream finishing will be awarded;


    4. When logging into your linked Runescape account, you will received a message about the reward you get.




    Runescape e LootScape will be enabled for the stream this Sunday at 19:00 UTC (Game Time) on December 10, 2017. If you want to get the Cheer Hunter outfit, Please watch Runescape LootScape. It is not used during Old School Runescap live streams.


    Please pay close attention to Runescape Stream schedule. The Cheer Hunter outfit is super cool, so don’t miss the chance! More Runescape Gold and OSRS Gold cheap for sale on


    Good luck!


    Rsgoldfast Team

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