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    10-16-2015 09:28

    Each we tend toek we stream developer, in-game RS Gold events and a lot of. Watch our streams and notice a full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel.

    Check our YouTube channel, too, for recap videos of streams you'll have lost, together with our RuneFest videos!

    This week sees a special quests, and a come back to at least one of the best rivalries Gielinor has ever seen: Zamorak vs Saradomin!

    Developer: Quests | 16:00 Greenwich Time, thirteenth Oct

    Join a special solid of lore-loving JMods on the lounge on, as we tend to discuss all-things questing past, gift and future. this is often essential viewing for all you content hounds. do not miss it!

    Watch this video from RuneFest as a sampler.

    Ask your queries on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter mistreatment the hashtag RSDevQA.

    1,000 K'rilone,000 Zilyana kills | Oct thirteenth, 20:00 UTC

    It's the classic grudge match: Saradomin vs. Zamorak! We'll kill one,000 K'rils and Zilyanas and see once and for all World Health Organization is healthier or World Health Organization has a lot of valuable loot.

    Representing Zammy: Mod JD, and representing Sara: Mod Jon. do not miss it!

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