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  • James Hannigan and RuneScape 3 on Top Credit scoreJames Hannigan and RuneScape 3 on Top Credit score
    01-20-2015 01:27


    ST. PAUL, Minn. - British composer James Hannigan has scored just about every type of game conceivable, from the closing four Harry Potter video games to alarming Dead Space 3. We talked about his newest task, a big on the web fantasy activity called RuneScape 3.

    Primarily, James composed an orchestra-weighty score, however the developers wanted to highlight the greater number of intimate instances in the online game.

    "Therefore the orchestral music is mostly employed in cutscenes and menus, as well as to set the scene. However the music that you'll deal with while you really play the game is much smaller in range there's very little orchestral tunes there. It's mostly, as you noticed, this type of folky, tiny ensemble music, featuring a quintet, woodwind trio, that kind of line up."

    As a result, weightier orchestral tunes is balanced with elegant, simple chamber music. One such piece is called Sunrise.

    "My first title for that piece was Circle of Light. I had been just picturing a sort of open simple, a form of sunrise scenario, tranquility, daybreak in this village. There wasn't a specific setting for it. As with a lot of game titles, the music is situational so it's not always attached to a definite location."

    "It is quite, very minimal, and in all honesty, basically if i was kept to my own, personal devices a bit more, I'd most likely write much more music in this direction. I am just a little bit of a minimalist, I feel."

    "I simply listen to the songs in my thoughts and it sounds as slight cliche, but I think it is really like that. I assume I attempt to tune in to whatever's going on inside me, and try to externalize that and also I can."

    You can enjoy RuneScape 3 online, and also the developers - a company known as Jagex - are consistently adding new elements to it.

    "This is basically the beauty of an internet browser structured game, is it's very easy to update music, as it isn't handed out physically with a disc. So they have a devoted audio host at Jagex, and it's a case of just swapping music data files. If you want to adjust something, you may replace it that day and it'll wind up inside the game."

    James Hannigan returns after that week to talk about his beautifully terrifying music for Old Space 3. In Sept ., James is leading a small grouping of composers in a series of events designed for enthusiasts and ambitious writers of video game music, called Online game Music Hook up.

    Hear David Hannigan with his fantastic music for RuneScape 3 on the new episode of Top Rating from Traditional MPR, also on iTunes.

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