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  • Get New Rares and Prizes from Returned Rainbows
    08-09-2017 10:14

    Excited News! Rainbows are back with new rares and more than seven times the prizes. Furthermore, you can buy cheap rs gold with discount code on Rsgoldfast. Let's see more details as below:


    Time of rainbows event


    Rainbow event has started now and will end until 14th August at 23:59 UTC.


    Win multiplier tokens by opening rainbow chests


    During this time, you can win multiplier tokens by opening the rainbow chests. Besides, you also can get up to 7x the prizes when you unlock multiplier. Note that it's suggested that you upgrade the multiplier for maximum benefit as soon as you can.


    Get rainbow-themed prizes from rainbows event


    During this event, you also can put your hands on new and tradeable rainbow-themed prizes, such as a bow and a parasol. And you are able to get the previous rainbow items including the rainbow amulet and cape.


    Anyway, you can buy cheap runescape gold with 3% extra gold "SP3EG" or 5% off "RSSP5" on Rsgoldfast.


    Rsgoldfast Team

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