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    03-02-2016 09:48

    GameBlast16 has return to a detailed, ANd we've near to recovered from an memorable twenty four hours of gunge-drenched charity live-streaming mayhem.


    Your donations of Bonds and in-game wealth throughout the live stream exceeded $100,000, however it did not stop there. You unbroken giving over the course of the weekend: Twitch streamers organising in-game donations, clans symptom along to assist, generous people donating via JustGiving and bidding furiously on our charity eBay auctions.


    Now the ultimate totals ar totted up, and we're excited to announce that the RuneScape community has raised over $150,000 for SpecialEffect.


    That's a staggering quantity, and it's reaching to create an amazing distinction – serving to SpecialEffect with their glorious work, conveyance fun and inclusion to folks with physical disabilities through video games.


    Here ar some fun facts from the weekend:


    1200 litres of gunge wont to dunk our pathetic JMods and guests nineteen JMods and players gunged survive stream

    Over £12,000 (approx $16,800) raised from our charity auction

    Devastates was the best Dr. donator, giving over five.035 billion (worth over $1600!)

    Juxta was the highest Bond donator, giving 501 Bonds (over $2500's worth). 311 came in an exceedingly shut second with five hundred Bonds.


    We can't many thanks enough for your generosity, enthusiasm and keenness. keep awesome!


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