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  • Dragon Slayer II is released
    01/05/2018 03:08

    A few hours ago, we can eventually begin to experience Dragon Slayer 2. But 'Rambo The 3' on being the first ever player to complete Dragon Slayer II with a total time of 2 hours 55 minutes. wow…Congratulations and what about your What's your progress on Dragon Slayer II?


    In addition, a few days ago the winners of Dragon Slayer II 2 competitions will gain a unique OSRS good package. Congratulations to RuneZilla and IceScream Y. And RuneZilla, they are respectively the winners for the Dragon Slayer 2 login screen competition and as well as the video competition. Most players like the prize-winning login screen design very much, which keeps with the Old School RuneScape charm while smartly laying on the dragon theme. and what about you think?


    Not much time, hope your smoothly to complete Dragon Slayer II, win abundant rewards from the new quest and boss Vorkath. Good luck! More cheap Old School RuneScape Gold for Sale on


    Enjoy your game !


    Rsgoldfast Team

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