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  • BTS Video Easter Eggs periments
    03-28-2015 08:59


    We link up with Mod Tim and Mod Ollo to visualize what is going on on in Easter Eggs-periments – the standard Easter miniquest, returning next week!


    The RuneScape Video Team
    Dev journal – Update Size vs Frequency


    If you haven't already, look at Mod Pips's dev journal on update size vs frequency. We're interested to grasp if you prefer the approach we have a tendency to update the sport presently, or if you'd like that we have a tendency to offered larger, however less frequent core game updates, with additional patches and ninja updates.


    This is all speculative for the present, and what we actually would like is your feedback. Head over to the forums currently and have your say!

    We'll be running associate opinion survey from the thirty first of March, too, therefore watch the polls page for that next week.

    You may additionally want to browse the Guardians' dev journal on our plans for Invention, if you uncomprehensible it last week.
    Podcast - Dimension of Disaster


    Listen to our latest podcast currently on YouTube - all concerning Dimension of Disaster, that includes Mod Stu and Mod Rowley.

    If you like, head over to PodBean or iTunes and realize our podcasts there.

    Questival Competition

    The Community Team ar running a contest to visualize United Nations agency will earn the foremost quest points over this weekend. The winner can become the proud bearer of the Questival King/Queen title!

    Read the Questival news post for full details of this, and plenty of additional quest-tastic events and competitions.

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